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Client Service for Law Firms

Publisher: Law Society Publishing

Author: Heather Stewart

Price: 55.00

Edition: 1st Edition (March 2011)

ISBN: 978-1-85328-744-2

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The suggestion that law firms are facing a future of uncertainty and increasing levels of competition has been made for a number of years.  However, this issue remains a key concern for many law firms.  Since the financial crisis, we have seen a number of failed law firms and consolidations in the market (particularly amongst larger firms).  Those combinations aim to achieve (amongst other things) a better service for clients: which could include different service lines in the same jurisdiction or even the same service lines in other jurisdictions in which their clients do business.  Those law firms who put client service at the heart of everything they do should seriously consider buying a copy of Client Service for Law Firms.

Written by a solicitor and management consultant, Dr Heather Stewart, Client Service for Law Firms is split into thirteen chapters and two appendices.  The chapters are: introduction; marketing, branding and client service; achieving a client orientated culture; getting the most from your people; getting your product to market; relationships, expectations and value; delivering value to clients; value and pricing; managing finance; managing billing; risk management; your clients' perspective: what clients think of your service; and managing complaints.  The appendices are: scoping a trial; and checklists for rule 2.

The first thing which strikes you about Client Service for Law Firms is its written style; accessible and concise.  It is exactly what is needed to drive home the key points.  There are some thought-provoking issues which should give even the most sophisticated law firm food for thought.  There are also excellent tables throughout the text; some giving pros and cons of various different approaches (the one on different approaches to fees is first-rate).  This is a better way of displaying this kind of information and really allows busy practitioners a quick way to consider what they should be doing to provide, and maintain, excellent client service.

While Client Service for Law Firms was first published in March 2011, the principles and lessons from it are as relevant today as they have always been.  Clients are probably more sophisticated than ever; if they do not get what they want, there are often plenty of other firms keen to work with them.  Dr Stewart's analysis helps drive home the key messages of excellent client service.  If you want to make sure you are giving your clients the best service, and be in the best position to secure new clients, you should consider buying this very well-priced text.

Reviewed on 6 January 2016

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