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Boyle & Birds' Company Law

Publisher: Jordan Publishing

Authors: John Birds, Anthony J Boyle, Bryan Clark, Gerard McCormack, Matteo Solinas, Michael Varney & Charlotte Villiers

Price: 38.00

Edition: 9th Edition (August 2014)

ISBN: 978-1-84661-955-7

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I have been a big fan of Boyle & Birds' Company Law for a number of years.  It is now (and has been for a number of years) a well-established and highly respected company law textbook.  For users of earlier editions, the reasons for this will be unsurprising: what Boyle & Birds' Company Law offers is an authoritative yet accessible account of the complicated topic of company law.  This latest edition has been thoroughly updated to seamlessly incorporate the latest case-law (including the Supreme Court's consideration on piercing the corporate veil in VTB Capital plc v Nutritek [2013] UKSC 5).  It remains one of the best textbooks on company law.

Boyle & Birds' Company Law is split into twenty-one chapters providing comprehensive coverage.  These include: the development of the registered company; the European Union and company law; legal personality: its consequences and limitations; registration, formation and promotion of companies; company contracts; share capital - allotment and maintenance; rights and liabilities attached to shares: reorganisations of capital; transfer and transmission of shares; debentures, charges and registration; membership of a company; management of a company; the duties of directors; and corporate reconstruction and insolvency.

If you have used Boyle & Birds' Company Law before, you will know exactly what you are getting: an up to date, authoritative and accessible account of company law.  This latest edition has all of those features and remains a superbly written and engaging account of company law.  It is well laid-out because each chapter is sub-divided into manageable sections: this really helps because it prevents the reader from becoming quickly lost in what is a complex but engaging area of law.  The latest developments have also been seamlessly incorporated into this latest edition of Boyle & Birds' Company Law without upsetting the flow or balance of the text.

If you are studying company law, or have a practice which involves company law, you should seriously consider buying this ninth edition of Boyle & Birds' Company Law.  It is very well priced (at the time of this review) at 38 (and this is even better value for money for any practitioners).  It is also usefully available in an ePDF version and ePub versions (neither of which we have reviewed).  If you have a tricky company law issue then I have no doubt that (possibly with the help of the fantastically detailed index) Boyle & Birds' Company Law will provide you with the answer.  It is hoped that it continues to be updated on a regular basis by the experienced team of editors.

Reviewed on 4 January 2015

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