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Pettet's Company Law: Company and Capital Markets

Publisher: Pearson Education

Authors: John Lowry & Arad Reisberg

Price: 34.99

Edition: 3rd Edition (April 2009)

ISBN: 978-1-405-84730-8

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It is only nine years since the first edition of Pettet's Company Law: Company and Capital Markets was published.  The aims of this third edition remain, however, the same as the first edition: firstly, to move the subject closer to securities law; secondly, to provide a lively and thought-provoking analysis; thirdly, to consider the theoretical or jurisprudential issues.  It impressively achieves these aims.

Now written by John Lowry and Arad Reisberg since Ben Pettet's unfortunate passing, Pettet's Company Law: Company and Capital Markets is split into six key parts: foundations and theory; the constitution of the company; corporate governance; corporate finance law; securities regulation; and insolvency and liquidation.  Each part is then sub-divided into a number of chapters.  For example, the part on corporate governance includes chapters on directors' duties and shareholder litigation.  Similarly, the part on securities regulation includes an overview of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

For an area of law which is notoriously complex, particularly given the sheer size of the Companies Act 2006, Pettet's Company Law: Company and Capital Markets is lucidly written.  It provides both a thought-provoking and engaging consideration of the law.  I have often found that more traditional textbooks, whilst quite properly teaching the black letter law, are somewhat out of touch with a practitioner's work.  This is often unlike what is set out in a company law textbook.  Pettet's slant, by moving the subject closer to securities law, deals with this issue and provides the text with an unique edge over its competitors. 

For anyone interested in, or studying, company law, Pettet's Company Law: Company and Capital Markets is an invaluable text.  It goes further than many other textbooks in its coverage: by doing so, it gives the reader a more rounded view of the law.  It also has a companion website but, at the time of this review, it is a little sparse with an update coming in "January 2010": this has (disappointingly) yet to appear.  This is, however, a minor blip in an otherwise excellent text.  Those interested in practising as a company lawyer will, perhaps, have most to gain from delving between its covers.

Reviewed on 12 February 2011

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