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Sealy & Worthington's Cases and Materials in Company Law

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Authors: Len Sealy & Sarah Worthington

Price: 36.99

Edition: 10th Edition (August 2013)

ISBN: 978-0-19-967644-6

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It is now nearly ten years since the Companies Act 2006 was enacted.  In that time, the need for an authoritative cases and materials book for company lawyers has probably increased (rather than lessened).  It is therefore pleasing to see a tenth edition of Sealy & Worthington's Cases and Materials in Company Law has been updated and published to meet that need.  Its aim remains the same: to provide a clear, concise and focused analysis of the fundamental structure of this increasingly complex subject.  It achieves this aim with considerable ease.

Sealy & Worthington's Cases and Materials in Company Law is split into sixteen chapters: the company and its incorporation; corporate personality and limited liability; corporate activity and legal liability; shareholders as an organ of the company; corporate governance; the board of directors as an organ of the company; directors' duties; company auditors and promoters; the raising of capital; distributions and capital maintenance; shares; borrowing, debentures and charges; remedies for maladministration of the company; public disclosure, market regulation and public investigations of companies; reconstructions, mergers and takeovers; and rescue and insolvency procedures.

Written by two very experienced academics, Len Sealy and Sarah Worthington, Sealy & Worthington's Cases and Materials in Company Law provides a fantastically balanced book which has just about the right amount of cases, materials and text.  The key principles are set-out in a logical and engaging way.  At the same time, they are supplemented from case and other extracts (and each case has the name of the court giving the judgment; ideal for those considering whether the decision is binding).  This allows the reader to place the material into context and understand the purpose of the legislation or case-law (which is a very good approach to have; particularly when considering cases in the appeal courts).

If you need ready access to a well-researched, lucid account of the law, combined with extracts from the key cases and materials, then this tenth edition of Sealy & Worthington's Cases and Materials in Company Law is an excellent choice.  It also includes an Online Resource Centre.  At the time of writing, it includes web-links (some which need updating; for example, reference to the Financial Services Authority's website should, of course, be to the Financial Conduct Authority's website) but (surprisingly) no updates.  The sheer quality of the text will, however, mean it continues to be a favourite text for students and practitioners for years to come.

Reviewed on 25 May 2015

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