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The International Sale of Goods

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author: Michael G Bridge

Price: 230.00

Edition: 3rd Edition (January 2013)

ISBN: 978-0-19-965825-1

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Commercial trading, and particularly cross-border and international trading, continues to increase as the world becomes a more inter-connected market.  Businesses selling goods internationally therefore need to be aware of the complex weave of domestic and international laws.  To help them, and their advisers, comes this third edition of Professor Bridge's The International Sale of Goods from Oxford University Press.  It is, as Professor Bridge acknowledges, "substantially longer than the last edition" with much of the additional pages taking account of the developments since the last edition.  These include the very important changes on the Rome I Regulations and Incoterms 2010.  One thing does not, however, change: it remains one of the leading textbooks on international sales law.

This third edition of The International Sale of Goods is split into two parts.  The first part, entitled international sales governed by English law, includes chapters on: the performance obligations of the seller and buyer in English law; FOB contracts; CIF contracts; payment; passing of risk and property; and remedies: termination and damages.  The second part, entitled international sales governed by the UN sales Convention 1980 ("CISG"), has chapters on: CISG: general issues; formation and performance of the contract; and remedies for breach of contract.  There are also eleven appendices which include sample contracts from GAFTA and FOSFA.

As soon as you start reading The International Sale of Goods you can tell it has been authored by someone who really understands the material.  The material is superbly researched and extremely well-written.  It is not just an academically written text; it is clearly and concisely written which makes it an excellent resource for practitioners and international traders.  Professor Bridge's skill is to explain relatively complicated issues in short and manageable sections.  The footnotes to this text are extremely detailed and well cross-referenced to other resources (including Bridge's text on domestic sales law: The Sale of Goods); this makes them a treasure trove for further research on discrete points of law.

If you are looking for a thoroughly-researched, accessible and authoritative account of international sales then you should look no further than this latest edition of Professor Bridge's The International Sale of Goods.  While its price may be just too high for some practitioners, its layout is excellent and really allows users who deal primarily with English law, or those who deal primarily with sales governed by CISG, to quickly understand the (often complex) legal principles.  Professor Bridge is not afraid to tackle the difficult topics (including when acceptance of goods legally, and practically, takes place).  An excellent addition to anyone's library.

Reviewed on 29 June 2014

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